Scones are born from humble dough.
They take nurturing to create the perfect texture. Don't touch the dough too much, it will get dry. Not enough, the scones won't be mixed or shaped properly. Scones have been our customers' favorite baked item at Schnoogs Cafe. The most popular scones are raspberry, coconut, chocolate chip, zesty lemon and of course, everyone's favorite, the blueberry cream cheese scone.

We have grown in production, from 100 scones a month to over 1200 scones per month. What hasn't changed is that each scone is made with the same care as the next, all scratch made, formed, baked and glazed. Did you know that it takes four people to make one scone? One person makes all the dry mix, another makes the actual scones (after being shaped, we then put the dough in the freezer), and one persons makes all the glazes. Then, finally, the barista takes the formed frozen scone and bakes it fresh for you each morning.

We have evolved to offer seasonal scones and a line of gluten free scones. Have you tried our pumpkin scone topped with spice glaze? No pumpkin flavoring, just real pumpkin! We hope you will come in and Get Sconed at Schnoogs!

Photo Credit: Tracy Barbutes Photography